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Hey Folks. Our website is built totally for the only purpose of helping you with GetFact Answers, Cheats and Solutions. This game is developed by Four Letter Works. Many word players claim that “word search” games are the most fun games to play and kill time. But there are many other game admirers that do not like only to pass free time but they also want to learn new things and develop other skills. Fortunately there is the game “GetFact” which brings the best combination of word searching with knowledge, critical thinking and logic. By playing this game you will have lots of fun while searching for words and learning many interesting facts for different things.

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  1. Bird can’t ___
  2. If you could fold a piece of paper 51 times its thickness would exceed the distance from here to ___
  3. People who play the didgeridoo ___ less.
  4. The man who popularized the high five has only ___ fingers.
  5. Vanilla is more expensive than ___
  6. The British eat more ___ than the French.
  7. The Bank of America was originally called the Bank of ___
  8. Chilli peppers taste ___ in space than on Earth
  9. 64% of Americans prefer their ___’s company to their partner’s
  10. In 2017 a Brazilian great-gandmother discovered the figure of St Anthony that she’s prayed to for years was actually an ___ from The ___ of the ____.
  11. A book by George H.W. Bush’s ___ spent 23 weeks on the US bestseller list
  12. A clock’s ___ hand is really its ___ hand
  13. Nobody known who invented the ___ _____. The patent records were destroyed in a fire.
  14. Most orangutans are left-handed but most ____ and chimpanzees are right-handed
  15. By 2050 the ___ in the world’s oceans will outweight the fish
  16. 1% of all th etimber sold in the world is bought by
  17. Orangutans like playing with ___ but gorillas do not.
  18. Spiders tune their webs like ___
  19. Prince Charles wants to reduce grey squirrel numbers by feeding them contraceptives hidden in ___
  20. In the French Harry Potter books Voldemort’s middle name is ____
  21. A beer tap on a plane would dispense only ___.
  22. All the ___ on Earth store just ten minutes of the world’s electricity needs.
  23. In 1973 the entire ___ consisted of only 43 computers
  24. 15% of the ___ on the New York subway contains human ___
  25. No one ___ in the Bible
  26. Elvis wore ____ _____ ____ to his senior prom
  27. The average person makes 35 000 ___ a day
  28. A male ___ can make a female ovulate by barking at her.
  29. Since 1990 more people have been killed by _ than by sharks
  30. In the 1980s Nissan’s talking cars used tiny
  31. The average person has 13
  32. Octopuses with their arms
  33. Mice up to forty times an hour
  34. In 2010 Fiji lost its original Declaration of Independence and had to ask?
  35. The photons hitting your _ right now were passing Mercury five minutes ago
  36. In China Pretty Woman became?
  37. The Serbian for pride means _ in Russian
  38. Drug-addicted _ are depleting India’s opium crop
  39. The word Xmas in use before the word
  40. The award ceremony for _ writers is called The Grimmies
  41. Cinema audiences _ in unison
  42. Object viewed from between the legs look _
  43. More than half of the Earth’s surface is not subject to any _
  44. If we could extend our lives indefinitely we’d still die but in an _ at an average age of 1200
  45. In Venezuela cost the equivalent of œ80000 each
  46. Sabrage is a technique for opening _ with a cavalry sword
  47. 31% of Chinese tourists pack instant _ when they travel
  48. Bees can be taught to play _
  49. The US’s ninth-largest brewery has made a new beer from recycled _ water
  50. Collectively Americans take 300000 years to do their _ every year
  51. In the Fula language of West and Central Africa a computer crash is a known as a hooki which means a _ falling over but not dying
  52. British children can be held responsible for crimes from age of 10 but can’t own a _ until they’re 16
  53. St.Jerome forbade nuns to eat _ because of the widespread belief that they excited the genitals of woman
  54. Leopard urine smells like
  55. All mammals regardless of size take twelve seconds to _
  56. An Italian estate agent was the inspiration for the handsome sadistic hero of __
  57. In Sweden you can buy __ called Krapp
  58. Houses in Vermont have windows that are slanted diagonally to stop __ getting in
  59. The hollow bit in the top of a brick is called a
  60. There is no word in English which rhymes with
  61. Barack Obama has an irrational fear of
  62. Every year consume more food than whales
  63. Mahatma Gandhi Pires Marlon Brando da Silveira John Lennon Silva Santos and Yago Pikachu are all
  64. Buddha was not
  65. The point of the is called the pogonion
  66. Dies every 14 days
  67. Scientist have found a way to grow human ears on
  68. Sharks are older than
  69. Dairy cows in Norway must have a __ to lie down on
  70. In Switzerland it is illegal to keep just one
  71. Britain exports to China
  72. When we blush our __ goes red too
  73. Bouvet Island in Norway is so __ that after it was discovered in 1739 it was lost again for another 69 years
  74. Invented the word hello
  75. 225 Canadian __ die every year while urinating over the side of their boat
  76. Prince Philip was born on a __ in Corfu
  77. A group of __ is called a loveliness
  78. Hyperthymesia is the inability to ever __ anything
  79. Human __ begins to degenerate at 55 years old
  80. French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen drank __ between sets but won 98% of her games
  81. You can make human heart tissue from
  82. Emma Martina Luigia Morano the world’s oldest person when she died at 117 outlived 90 Italian
  83. Kangaroos keep cool by licking their
  84. The North American mosquito fish can count up to
  85. Britons use the __ emoji twice as often as any other nationality
  86. Tanzanians scare off elephants by bombarding them with condoms filled with
  87. The Spartans washed newborn babies in
  88. Korobikobou is Japanese police slang for deliberately bumping into a suspect and then arresting them for
  89. Entopreneurs are people who farm new types of __ insect
  90. in the 17th century Greek monks thought that tobacco was the __ of Satan
  91. Test tube babies thrive if played __ 24 hours a day
  92. Iceland imports
  93. At the launch of the first __ in the US the crowds had to be restrained by riot police
  94. Arizona has a population of none
  95. In the Second World War it was illegal to post __ patterns abroad in case they contained coded
  96. Humans have spent longer playing the game World of __ than they have existed as a species separate from __ 5.93 million years
  97. Monks __ are popular __ in Argentina
  98. Rapper Tupac Shakur was a former
  99. When the first Egyptian Pyramids were built __ still roamed the Earth
  100. 47 species of fungus live inside
  101. In ancient China __ fur was used for __ towels
  102. South Korean __ sold to the Russian police in Siberia have proved to be useless because they don’t like the cold
  103. A tiger’s tongue is so rough that if it licked your __ it would draw blood
  104. Can last two years between meals
  105. In Japan police carry massive __ to roll up __ in
  106. All but one of the ravens at the Tower of London died from __ during the Blitz
  107. is the genre of music least likely to be played in the bedroom
  108. 35 are reported in Britain each year
  109. Spiders can survive for hours __ by entering a __ coma
  110. The amount of money you get at the start of __ – fifteen thousand pounds – is the current average monthly __ in central London
  111. Women were discouraged from __ in the 19th century as doctors warned they were susceptible to __ face
  112. When it gets hot normally carnivorous __ become vegetarian
  113. Astronauts’ helmets contain a small piece of __ so they can scratch their noses
  114. A swede born with a silver spoon in their mouth is said to have slid in on a
  115. When Edwin Beard Budding invented the __ he tested it at night so no one would think he was mad
  116. Serbia is home to the World __ Cooking Championship
  117. The US embassy in Kathmandu has guidelines on what to do if a __ is found
  118. Lou Reed once played a __ just for __
  119. There are 5.9 __ in the __ of a British postage stamp
  120. Mark Twain once said he wanted to dig up Jane Austen and beat her over the skull with her own
  121. The __ squid is faster than Usain Bolt
  122. can see daylight 45 minutes before humans can
  123. can have its brain removed chopped shuffled minced put back in again and still function as normal
  124. Whoopi Goldberg get her nickname from her childhood
  125. IKEA __ have Swedish name its __ have Danish names and its __ have Norwegian names
  126. During the rainy seasons the sloth’s __ slows down so much that it can __ death on a full stomach
  127. When __ burns it produces poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas
  128. Flor de Guia __ from the Canary Islands must only be made by __ otherwise it is not considered the genuine article
  129. There is a group of chimpanzees in __ who wear a blade of __ in their left ear as a statement
  130. and __ both use goats to trim their __
  131. The Ancient Egyptian word for cat was pronounced
  132. Washington and __ Jefferson didn’t let __ Franklin draft the US constitution because they thought he might put __ in
  133. Alethal dose of __ is about 50 double __
  134. The Romans used powdered __ brains as toothpaste
  135. Otters were bigger than __ six million years ago
  136. In 19th-century America roads were paved with __ shells
  137. Wabbit is Scots for __ or slightly unwell
  138. In 2012 thieves in the Czech Republic stole a 10-tonne railway bridge claiming they were clearing the way for a
  139. More people visit __ than any other country on Earth
  140. Wig-__ was a common crime in 18th-century England
  141. The world’s largest __ was twice the size of a __ court
  142. Eight billion particles of __ can fit into a teaspoon
  143. In 2016 a new species of ant was discovered after it was vomited up by a
  144. Donald Trump uses double-sided sticky tape to hold his __ in place
  145. Head lice lay eggs to match your __ color
  146. To treat mites beekeepers dust their bees with
  147. A 17th-century Scottish __ on having __ out of wedlock was called buttock mail
  148. More than a third of the 8.5 million dogs in Britain are
  149. The king of Rwanda lives in a __ in Manchester in England
  150. In 2013 American competitive eater Joey Chestnut ate 141 __ in eight minutes
  151. The mathematics that makes Wi-fi possible was developed by a team of physicists looking for tiny
  152. Tuna are more closely related to __ than to __
  153. Smelts are fish that smell of __
  154. The McDonald’s __ was invented for __ who couldn’t eat meat on __
  155. At the 1968 Olympics Bob Beamon broke the world long jump record by so much they had to find another
  156. comes from an old French word meaning hypocritical
  157. Each year __ baron Pablo __ had to write off 10% of his __ holdings because of __ nibbling away at his huge stash of bank notes
  158. It takes 52 __ of __ to make a cup of tea with milk and two sugars
  159. 60% of people eating __ bite the ears off first
  160. According to a study in Ethiopia you can avoid catching malaria by carrying a __ at all times
  161. The Orkney Islands are as close to __ as they are to __ in Scotland
  162. In 2016 for the first time ever more electricity was produced in the UK by __ than by
  163. In 1888 __ as big as oranges fell in India
  164. If a __ puts on 11 lb in weight it can add 0.2 seconds to their __ time
  165. The first animal to be ejected from a supersonic jet with a parachute was a
  166. If you stood on top of a __ on the Moon and fired a gun at the horizon you could shoot yourself in the back
  167. There are 1111 museums in
  168. confused people at first. One headache sufferer strapped a tablet to his
  169. 70% of __ are never seen by humans
  170. Roman women donated their hair for use as military __ elastic
  171. 1 in 5 children’s __ sets and __ figures in the UK are bought by adults for their own use
  172. More than 200 __ in Britain are at least 100 years old
  173. Three-quarters of all ocean creatures __ in the dark
  174. John Dollond of Dollond & Aitchison invented __ for
  175. J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis went to the cinema together to see __ and the __ but didn’t enjoy it
  176. Hot Beef was Victorian rhyming slang for Stop
  177. Liu Bang founder of the Chinese Han dynasty hated Confucians so much that whenever he saw one he would __ into his
  178. adjust their buoyancy through controlled flatulence
  179. Vegetarians __ nicer than people who eat meat
  180. Riding a roller coaster can help patients to expel their
  181. The highest point in Mauritania cannot be found with a ___ due to ___ rocks
  182. An effigy of the __ stuffed with live ___ was burned at the coronation of Elizabeth I
  183. People eating popcorn remember ___ less
  184. Ostriches are the only birds with a ___
  185. ALL RSPCA inspectors must be able to ___ 50 metres fully ___ in 25 minutes
  186. Washing machines in India have a special mode for dealing with ___ ___
  187. ___ __ wrote speeches for Franklin D Roosvelt
  188. Rectangular ___ are safer than round ones
  189. Croatia has a 210-foot-long musical ___ organ which is played by the ___
  190. In 2017 six Chinese officials were punished for falling asleep in a meeting about how to motivate ____ bureaucrats
  191. Renaissance women removed their __ ___ with arsenic
  192. Only six people are qualified to raise or lower ___ ___ in London
  193. All the ___ of Enrique Iglesias are on the opposite side of his body to normal
  194. Dangerous maritime goods include pistachios almonds walnuts hazelnuts Brazil nuts and peanuts because they can all ___-___ and spontaneously ___
  195. The first man to use ___ in London was pelted with rubbish
  196. When dinosaurs roamed the Earth __ were only 23 ___ long
  197. There are 600 000 ___ In Britain
  198. Natural history museums use teams of ___ to clean the ___ off specimens
  199. Children under three years old cannot imagine the ___
  200. ___ whoop when they bump into each other
  201. The Hebridean island of Barra has the only ___ in the world that uses a beach as a ___
  202. Playing __ with the ___ is an Icelandic euphemism for having a ___
  203. The Milky Way produces nine trillion kilos of ___ every second
  204. Ants communicate by sharing __
  205. Ancient Japan had 72 __ lasting around __ days each
  206. newest moon is called Peggy
  207. Italian scientists have grown strawberries in __ on the seabed
  208. The ‘mas’ in Christmas means ‘__’
  209. The first __ in Antarctica didn’t work because it kept __
  210. The German aristocrat who invented __ wine also invented an __ sorbet
  211. Ed Sheeran can fit 55 __ into his mouth
  212. In Denmark if you’re __ at 25 your friends will ambush you with a __ shower
  213. The synthetic drug spice was originally developed as a __ for __ trees
  214. uses a different part of the brain to other speech
  215. The Roman consul Crassus loved his pet __ so much he bought it __ and __
  216. ___always knock on the door before __ into a house
  217. Inuit people made __ from walrus penises
  218. Sandra an __ in Buenos Aires Zoo is the first non-human to become a legal __
  219. A throttlebottom is an inept __
  220. The Queen has a personal __ who plays outside her window for 15 minutes each morning
  221. CERN has an animal __ for computer __
  222. One of the world’s first __ was Squee the __ built in 1951
  223. Male __ bring less food back to the nest if their partner has been __
  224. In 1983 the Spanish town of Lijar ended its 100-year war with France due to ‘the __ of the French’
  225. Dolphins provide __ services
  226. Julius Caesar wanted to ban __ from holding __
  227. Ancient Egyptian __ were not allowed to eat __ in case it boosted their libido
  228. Norwegian __ display the __ under a UV light
  229. Bach wrote a __ about __
  230. In northern Italy __ is acceptable as __ on a bank __
  231. The smallest __ ever made weighs less than a smartphone
  232. The spiders used in Spider-Man and Arachnophobia were __ spiders and completely __
  233. 1 in 100 Americans work for __
  234. The first editorial assistant to work on the __ was sacked for industrial espionage
  235. The world’s most popular __ is called Snow and is virtually unknown outside __
  236. During the Second World War Women’s Institutes played ‘__ the Mustache on __’
  237. After shaking __ most people unwittingly __ their __
  238. Secret agents have to be trained to __ their advanced __ courses
  239. Octopuses spend 3% of their time __
  240. More than 2400 __ have been detonated since 1945
  241. 25% of Americans think __ decides who wins the __
  242. To visit every child in the world Santa would need to travel at 3000 times the __ of __
  243. Most of the __ in the Caribbean is made of __ fish __
  244. Birds can tell what the __ are on __
  245. The US State Department is located in __
  246. The Romans used __ to clean their __
  247. heats the surrounding air to temperatures five times hotter than the __ of the __
  248. In 2004 a pine tree planted in memory of George __ died after an infestation of __
  249. is Scots for poke with the nose
  250. Vitamin B6 helps you remember __
  251. In 1987 Richard Nixon’s wife predicted that ___ ___ would one day become the ___
  252. Inemuri or ___ ___ in public is considered a sign of diligence in Japanese employees
  253. In 2008 thieves in Jamaica stole an entire ___
  254. The Icelandic word used for ___ ___ translated as Blackhead
  255. In the 17th century migrating birds were thought to go to the ___ for ___
  256. Exoplanet HAT-P-7b has __ made of liquid ___
  257. 60% of the world’s ___ decorations are made in a single town in __
  258. Kindergarten children in Alaska are taught how to butcher a ___
  259. Kafka wanted to write ___ ___ guides but couldn’t find anyone to fund them
  260. The word confetti comes from the Italian for ___ ____
  261. In 2017 the original Bramley __ ___ was still living at 207 years old
  262. Swearing on the Bible is theologically problematic as the ___ ___ forbids the talking of ___
  263. In the 14th century the name ___ was a mild swear word
  264. Tyrannosaurus rex had a sensitive ____ as it was probably used for __
  265. Golfers in Coober Pedy Australia use ___-__-the- ___ balls because it’s so hot by day that everyone plays at night
  266. The word ___ replaced an Old English word that literally meant ___-___
  267. Voice dystonia is the inability to ___ to other people
  268. Malmo Sweden has two tiny ___ for ___
  269. ____ is successful only 8 % of the time
  270. It takes 60 nests worth of __ down to fill a ___
  271. In 1875 the Royal Navy erased 123 ___ from their charts because they didn’t ___
  272. The happiest country in the world is ___ ___
  273. 600 million years ago the Earth’s __ were ___
  274. Your __ dries out as you age
  275. In 168 BC the only tradesmen in Rome who were not slaves were ___
  276. Male cockatoos use ___ __ to attract mates
  277. The US Department of Defense still uses 8-inch ___ disks
  278. Parliamentary elections in ___ are three times as likely to be won by politicians ___ of ___ serious ____
  279. The pom-pom crab carries ___ __ in its claws and waves them around when threatened
  280. Baijing has three million ___ that are looked after by robot __
  281. Traces of ___ and ___ have been found on the teeth of Neanderthals
  282. Naked ______ can survive for 18 minutes without oxygen by turning themselves into_____
  283. In seven US states you can_____ your_____after you’ve_____it
  284. Smooth-fan lobsters travel inside_____and_____them as they go
  285. 73% of people who are allergic to _____are also allergic to_______
  286. _____in Chile’s Atacam Desert has 100 times the safe level of______ but local people have evolved to process it
  287. During the Second World War British pilots carried_____ _______infused with_____in case they were shot down and needed to make
  288. Because of the way their eyes are positioned_____can’t see the____
  289. In medieval England you could be made an_____if you failed to turn up to_____ five times in a row
  290. _____can diagnose tuberculosis faster than______
  291. You can buy_____that smell of _____Play-Doh
  292. Before the inventions of________cabins all______passengers had to wear oxygen masks
  293. Japanese_______protect the pale flesh of______ from sunburn by putting small hats on them
  294. The ______ _____was invented in 1977
  295. _______makes your skin smell of freshly baked_____
  296. Tchaikovsky wanted his 1812 Overture to be played with live_____
  297. ______may not enter or leave Tajikistan without written permission from the Ministry of Culture
  298. The Playboy Mansion has the second-largest residential _____ _____in the US
  299. The Moon has been collecting tiny bits of the ______for thre billion years
  300. Collectively humans have watched Adam______movies on_______for longer than civilisation has existed
  301. The world record for keeping a ______ aloft is seven and a half days
  302. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is the first non-_______ book to be translated into 300 languages
  303. Swordish secrete____ from their______to smooth their passage through the water
  304. In 2017an Australian MP______ so hard at the US TV show Veep he_______ himself out
  305. The US Constiturion is kept in an________ ___________ vault
  306. The world’s highest concentration of peregrine falcons is in ____ __________
  307. In Alabama it is illegal to wear a ______ ________ that causes laughter in church
  308. Popes John I John X John XI and John XIV all died in______
  309. On the first day of filming Colin Farrell always wears his lucky _________-patterned _______
  310. The Chinese buy more______ _____than everyone else in the world combined
  311. Alexander Graham Bell’s Ear Phonautograph was a recording device using a real human ____from a _____
  312. It takes 18 people 900 hours to put out the _________for the Oscars
  313. The only_____in Einstein’s physics class at Zurich Polytechnic ______him
  314. The world’s tallest church is being eroded by men________on it
  315. In 2017 British doctors found 27 lost ______ _____ in a patient’s eye
  316. The first named individual in history was an____________
  317. In space you can____but your won’t______ fall they just puddle up under your eyes
  318. Sheep-creeps are low square openings in drystone walls that let______ in but keep_____ out
  319. In 1966 the Chinese press claimed Chairman Mao______ nine miles down the Yangtze in 65 minutes making him twice as fast as____________
  320. George Orwell said beer was best drunk out of ________ ____
  321. The fashion for heavily oiled _____in Victorian times is the reason for headrest cloths on____
  322. The Hobbit contains only one isntance of the word ‘____’
  323. Gamblers in Japan are only allowed to bet on_____ ______or ______races
  324. The location of the ________set was so secret that had visitors to be blindfolded
  325. Eleven Men and a ___ was the Brazilian version of Ocean’s Eleven
  326. Self-driving Volvos avoid deer elk and caribou but don’t recognise ____
  327. In Greek mythology Odysseus escapes the ___ by hiding under a sheep. In the Apache version he hides in the ___ of a buffalo.
  328. ___ cannot be farmed organically
  329. The cheapest ___ in the world can be found in Egypt
  330. George Orwell said beer was best drunk out of ________ ____
  331. The fashion for heavily oiled _____in Victorian times is the reason for headrest cloths on____
  332. The Hobbit contains only one isntance of the word ‘____’
  333. Gamblers in Japan are only allowed to bet on_____ ______or ______races
  334. The location of the ________set was so secret that had visitors to be blindfolded
  335. Eleven Men and a ___ was the Brazilian version of Ocean’s Eleven
  336. Self-driving Volvos avoid deer elk and caribou but don’t recognise ____
  337. In Greek mythology Odysseus escapes the ___ by hiding under a sheep In the Apache version he hides in the ___ of a buffalo
  338. ___ cannot be farmed organically
  339. The cheapest ___ in the world can be found in Egypt
  340. In January 1945 the Nova Scotia police received complaints that drivers were using their ___ to send filthy messages in ___
  341. 1423 is the Guinness World Record for the largest number of ___ at a simultaneous ___ ___
  342. The Estonian army travels with pop-up ____
  343. Ogre-faced spiders attract prey with their ___
  344. A sex manual in Qing dynasty China outlined 48 different ways to fondle a mutilated ____
  345. The head of the UK police task force on ___ crime is called Alfred Hitchcock
  346. You can be blocked from getting a Swiss passport if your neighbours find you too __
  347. Uzbek ___ ___ can cook enough food in a single cauldron to feed one thousand men
  348. In India ____ jaws were once used to close wounds
  349. In 2017 the US Secret Service advertised for a social media ___ spotter
  350. ___ paper is only 100 years old
  351. International orange is the specific shade of orange used for NASA ____ the Tokyo Tower and the __ ___ Bridge
  352. ___ appear in the newspapers three times as often as ____ and have done so since eighteen hundred
  353. In January 1205 it was so cold in England that ___ and ale froze and were sold by __ not volume
  354. All Quiet on the Western Front was banned in ___ for being pro-German and in Germany for being anti-___
  355. Post-it notes should be peeled with sticky strip ___ not ___
  356. A ticket to the first ___ ___ cost twelve dolars today’s tickets cost up to ___ thousand dollars
  357. My adventures as a Spy by Lord Baden-Powell has a chapter on The Value of Being
  358. 90% of Vietnamese share just 14 ____
  359. At any one time there are 100 000 ___ at sea
  360. If you pick up a desert tortoise it can __ itself to death
  361. From 1974 to 1992 a third of all tennis Grand Slams were won by ___ men today there are none in the top 150
  362. The white House only got the ability to print ____-___ in 2016
  363. Santa Claus’s first commercial appearance was in a 1923 advert for
  364. In the Australian outback there is a road used for testing supercars that has no ___ ___
  365. There are more than 500 peanuts in the average ___ of ____ ____
  366. The first ____ on the International Space Station was ejected into space and burned up in the atmosphere
  367. 10 000 ___ ____ are lost from ships every year
  368. Naked mole-rats operate their ___ ___ like chopsticks
  369. All the ____ under the ocean joined together would be long enough to reach to the Moon and back
  370. George Bernard Shaw left money in his will to fuund a 40-letter ___
  371. ____ lie down when it’s cold or when they’re ___ not necessarily when it’s about to rain
  372. Michael Phelps’s training breakfast consisted of an ___ ____ three slices of French toast three egg sandwiches and three ___
  373. Apes are the only animals that need to be taught how to ____
  374. A tablespoonfull of ___ dropped into a lake can calm half an acre of water
  375. 18-century _____ included Spaniel’s Ears Mad Dog and The Drowned Chicken
  376. Coral’s main source of nutrition is ___ pee
  377. There are more positions in a game of ___ than there are __ in the universe
  378. Adulterated ___ ____ makes three times as much profit as cocaine
  379. In 1913 the ___ ___ in Monte Carlo came up black twenty six times in a row
  380. In 2017 a ___ thief in Taiwan handed himself in because he couldn’t cope with incessant squawking
  381. The first Europeans known to have tried ____ lay on the ground complimenting each other before one started a fight with a ____
  382. Straightening people’s ___ also improves their balance
  383. Oi has been rated the 61st most ___ word in English
  384. Batrachomymachy is the technical term for making a ____ out of a ___
  385. Pandas are white so they can hide in the ___ and black so they can hide in the ____
  386. At an ____ trial in Florida in 2017 a lawyer’s trousers burst into flames
  387. Liszt had a stalker who stole the dregs of his tea and used it as
  388. Queen Victoria ate ____ marrow every day
  389. Trap-jaw ants __ each other with their antennae more than __ times a second
  390. The colours of ____ are used to measure air pollution
  391. Snapdragon was an old Christmas game where you grabbed a raisin from a bowl of burning ___ and put it in your mouth
  392. The modern British army has more ___ than ____
  393. Police in Arizona must check your immigration status if called to inspect the height of your ___
  394. All Margaret Thatcher’s government documents had different ___ so she would know who’s leaked one if it appeared in the press
  395. The first recipe for ____ ____ advised buttering them and serving them on toast
  396. NASA has a robo-____ which gives the wearer three times more gripping power
  397. Babies in Britain ___ more than babies in Japan and nobody knows why
  398. The world ‘s healthiest human hearts belong to the Tsimane people of Bolivia who eat ___ tapirs wild pigs and piranhas
  399. In 19th-century Boston it was bad luck to cut your nails at ____
  400. The world’s smallest __ weighs as much as a paper clip
  401. The average public ____ ____ contains enough urine to fill a dustbin
  402. The ice on the first artificial ice rink was made of __ fat and salt
  403. ___ ___ played in the Middle Ages between whole towns and villages had an unlimited number of players and a pig’s -bladder ball
  404. New Zealand police have a ___ ___ mascot called Constable Elliot
  405. The ___ Principle is that the worst staff are put in middle management to limit the damage they can cause
  406. The Oval Office has ___ __ under the carpet so the Secret Service knows exactly where the president is at all times
  407. Gustav Eiffel had a tiny apartment at the top of the Eiffel Tower with a ___ ___ in it
  408. Headis is ___ __ played with the head and a small football
  409. Caterpillars retain their ___ when they turn into moths
  410. The Queen’s 90th birthday presents included a silver Post-it note holder an ___ egg two stags and a ___
  411. In 2000 a 103-year-old man returned the official Olympic flag that he stole as a dare after coming third in ___ at the 1920 Olympics
  412. A ____-smuggling tunnel has been discovered under the India-Pakistan border
  413. The Post Office used to employ_____to stop_____from eating money orders
  414. A large _____ has about the same volume as a can of________ ______
  415. September October and November are not mentioned in any of ____________’s works
  416. A French_________’s cafe was accidentally awarded a ________ star in 2017 after a mix up with a Parisian restaurant fo the same name
  417. ______adult offspring return home and demand to be fed
  418. _____have brains that tell them when to sprout
  419. Hungry female ________ ______ pretend to be interested in sex and then eat any interested males who turn up
  420. The world’s leading cannabis expert has never _______ a______
  421. English speakers can learn French in half the time it takes to learn______
  422. ______can edit their own brain genes
  423. William Shatner insisted a Star Trek script can be rewritten so that Kirk rather than Spock had the first__________ _______on TV
  424. Western spotted skunks do __________ to make themselves appear more threatening
  425. In medieval Germany it was thought that wearing the left eye of a ____ as a talisman would make you invisible
  426. The global beauty and _______ -______industry is worth 999 billion a year
  427. The halfway line at Brazil’s Zerao football stadium runs exactly along the ________
  428. The Viking King Olaf Tryggvason could ___ round the outside of his longship on its oars while it was being rowed
  429. _____________can make a flower open by buzzing in middle C
  430. __________ _____ left over from the dawn of time has been found on rooftops in Paris
  431. In the Ottoman Empire anyone who took the throne would _____all his______ to stop them assasinating him
  432. The average British______contains over twenty thousand slugs and snails
  433. ______has overtaken oil as the world’s most valuable resource
  434. Norway has a ‘tooth bank’ which is aiming to collect 100000 _____teeth
  435. Preference for the colour_______ declines with age
  436. 40% of pages in_____ catalogues contain some kind of violence
  437. The sandals of the Pueblo people of New Mexico had enough space for______
  438. In 1880s gangland New York having someone punched cost two dollars but there was a fifteen dollar charge for ______their _____off
  439. After migration _____overeat and stagger around ‘drunk’ on food
  440. Since 1945 all ______in the British army have been equipped with tea-making facilities
  441. Germany has a Museum of ___

  442. The traditional Indian way of sobering up a drunk elephant was to feed it three pounds of ___ ____
  443. Three-quarters of Americans are in ___ when they die
  444. Science knows more about coffe wine and tomatoes than it does about ____ milk
  445. You can join the ___ at 16 but you have to be 18 to play ___ of ____
  446. Obdormition is when your ___ falls asleep from lying on it
  447. John Williams has never seen any of the ____ ___ movies he composed the music for
  448. £ 1.5 million in cash has been eaten by British ___ since 2003.
  449. Warren Buffett has been paying ____ ___ since he was 14
  450. ____ that swim 3000 miles across the Atlantic lose weight from their bones
  451. Bumpsy’ is 17th-century slang for _____
  452. At 104 years old Jack Reynolds became the oldest person to get a ____ and at 105 the oldest to ride a ____ ____
  453. Trap-jaw ants can close their jaws with such force they ____ themselves through the ___
  454. ___ music makes curry taste 10% spicier
  455. The largest-ever ____ was 111 feet wide and taken with a ___ ___ three storeys high
  456. To tiny ocean creatures water is as thick as ___
  457. Covering buildings with ___ ___ protects them against acid rain
  458. _____-_______ cars play Grand Theft Auto to learn how to drive better
  459. ____ toast is poisonous to lemurs
  460. American ____ ____ are all descended from a single English dog named Obo II
  461. Because it cannot be seen the Aymara people of Andes think of the ____ as behind them
  462. China buys bottled ___ ___ from Britain
  463. Between 1977 and 1998 23 people in the US caught the plague from pet ___
  464. ____ didn’t make phones from 2011 to 2016
  465. Only one ____ film director has ever won the Palme d’Or
  466. Om his retirement the senior crayon-maker at ____ finally admitted he was colour-blind
  467. Socks in international __ ____ must be no higher than midway between ankle and knee and it’s someone’s job to check
  468. The ___ Museum in Langley Virginia is not open to the public
  469. Bermuda celebrates New Year by dropping a massive illuminated papier mache ___ from the town hall
  470. For the first time in over a century 18-to 34-year-old Britons are less likely to live with a _____ than with their ___
  471. Only 5% of Chinese people have a _____
  472. The French air force has a squad of ___ ____ trained to hunt down drones
  473. Donald Trump presses a red button on his desk when he wants the White House butler to bring him a ___ ___
  474. Planes carrying the Pope use the call sign ______ One
  475. Birds that live in the city start tweeting earlier to avoid ___ ____
  476. In 2017 a Kiwi tourist was detained in Kazakhstan because the immigration authorities refused to believe there was a country called
  477. There is no such thing as a wild ____
  478. Three of world’s ____ are legal persons: they have guardians and are treated as minors on court
  479. The ancient Egyptians had a hieroglyph for _____
  480. The great grey ___ impales its prey on sharp thorns then presents the kebab to potential mates
  481. Your ___ ____ runs at 67 words per second
  482. I Will Survive Stayin’ Alive and Another One Bites the Dust have the correct number of beats per minute to perform __ to
  483. Hummingbirds use spiders webs to glue their ____ together
  484. ____ became Sweden’s official language in 2009
  485. At the first Olympics athletes got a ___ ___ just for taking part
  486. Healthy human brains feel like warm ____
  487. In 14th-century London the Bakers Guild spilt up and formed two rival guilds: one for ___ ___ and one for white
  488. Dubai police have a ____
  489. A pod of ___ ___ breaths in unison while asleep
  490. Nevada is the only state whose ___ ____ have a None of the above option
  491. _____ can be trained to identify breast cancer
  492. Calvin Coolidge had two pet ___ called Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau
  493. All Japanese police officers are expected to become a black ____ in ___
  494. ____ are twice as fast as snails
  495. In the 19th century an Edinburgh doctor sold homeopathic ___ excrement to treat chest problems
  496. Eating _____ improves your body odour
  497. The UK spends less on ____ than it does paying interest on the national debt
  498. The ____ wax was invented in New York
  499. Liver failure makes your breath smell of raw ___
  500. Jacques Offenbach gave his operas ___ ___ because people were often late for the performances
  501. ____ has a database of 25 million books that nobody is allowed to read
  502. Side-blotched lizards have three throat colours and five ____
  503. Paul McGuigan the original bassist in ___ quit the band by fax
  504. It is illegal in China to use the ___ ____ as your ringtone
  505. The ___ used by self-driving cars cannot be read by humans
  506. Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour on Amazon is the most ___ watched TV show ever
  507. Emperor Wu the first emperor of China visited his harem in a goat cart whoever the goats stopped beside was chosen as his
  508. A 16th-century recipe for an omelette includes clover goat’s cheese cinnamon mint spring onion marjoram nutmeg and ____’s ____
  509. Most of ‘The Cloud’ is __
  510. Neopalpa donaldtrumpi is a ___ named after Donald Trump that has blond hair and comes from Mexico
  511. The weights in a gym have 362 times more bacteria than a ____ _____
  512. The European Parliament recommends ___ is played in all schools
  513. There are as many Russian agents in London today as there were at the height of the
  514. The original Godzilla costume was made of ___
  515. In case someone needs to escape a ___ ____ people in Churchill Canada never lock their car doors
  516. Dutch trains have laser cannons to fire at _____ on the line
  517. No _____-____ object has survived on Venus for more than 127 minutes
  518. A fencing guide from 1763 allowed the use of _____ to illuminate opponents to dazzle them and to hit them with
  519. British warships make so much noise that enemy ____ can hear them from 100 miles away
  520. Alpine _____ are to be stored in a specially built bunker in Antarctica
  521. The Curly-Coated Lincoln is an extinct breed of ____ that had a woolly coat like a sheep
  522. In Arkansas it is illegal for ____ to be six inches tall
  523. The first ___ in Britain was said to have died as a result of sympathetic reaction to gout in George IV’s toe
  524. The world’s biggest shopping mall has an indoor ski resort and a ___ colony.
  525. The word ‘nice’ is from the Latin nescius which means _____
  526. Vampire bats chase their prey on ____
  527. Small ____ are called growlers because of the sound they make as they melt
  528. There has only been one ____ in the UK’s Royal Navy: Able Seaman Just Nuisance
  529. The first _____ wine produced in 2015 was described by experts as undrinkable
  530. Juma the ____ mascot of the 2016 Rio Olympics escaped before the games and was shot dead
  531. In 1986 London’s ______ apologised for the Great Fire of London 320 years after it happened
  532. Betty Lou Oliver holds the record for the longest survived fall in an elevator: she fell 75 floors while working as a ____ ____
  533. _____ can’t swim they stroll about on the riverbed
  534. The 400 men who carved the presidents on Mount Rushmore had their own ____ team
  535. After unexpected rain during the 1971 Davis Cup the ___ ___ was dried out by dousing it in petrol and setting it on fire
  536. A caterpillar’s head contains 248
  537. Alogotransiphobia is the fear of being caught on public transport without a ____ to ___
  538. Hidden inside Grand Central Station is the Vanderbilt ___ ____
  539. ____ _____ in China used to be called soft gold because their pelts were so valuable
  540. Geologists have discovered an eighth continent off the coast of ____
  541. Some US farmers feed their cattle _____ because they’re cheaper than corn
  542. Rats who have ___ at least once a day for 14 days grow more ___ in their brain
  543. ____ ____ predicts the human race has only 1000 years left on Earth
  544. The Aztecs dabbed ____ ___ on their arrowheads
  545. 2016 was the first year since 1990 that none of Japan’s 4 000 ____ _________ went bankrupt
  546. The best people at making lists of random ____ are 25-year-olds
  547. Cary Grant started his career as an _____
  548. The London borough of Southwark is rented from the ____ for eleven pounds a year
  549. The film of ___ ____ of ___ was banned in Cambodia because it depicted ‘insane romance’
  550. In Brazil ____ skin is used to bandage burns
  551. ____ tides occur all year round the name has nothing to do with the seasons
  552. The average person has ____ 5 778 times in a lifetime
  553. Potholes in roads in 19th-century Argentina were filled with surplus ___’s ____
  554. Adults think about the ____ three times as often as the past
  555. Orang-utan mothers ____ for eight years
  556. Fish can see 70 times further in ___ than in water
  557. The chief economist at the Bank of England has never owned a ____ ____
  558. ____ competing in the Olympics have their own passports and fly business class
  559. In 1857 British officials were convinced Indian villagers were passing ___ ____ hidden in chapattis
  560. The first BBC radio presenter with a northern accent Wilfred Pickels was given the job to make it more difficult for the ___ to impersonate news readers
  561. If you blend 25 random pictures from the Internet the result will be ___
  562. In Finland you can buy a party pack of 1000 cans of ____
  563. The ancient Chinese could count up to a million on their ____
  564. Facebook uses The Lord of the Rings to teach its software how to ____
  565. In Canada due to a chronic shortage of coinage _____ ____ were once used as currency
  566. Pinatas were invented in ____
  567. NASA provided the first American woman in space with a specially designed ___-___ kit
  568. Christmas ___ were originally called ‘bangs of expectation’
  569. Thr ___ is the national ___ of Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Estonia France Germany Latvia Lithuania Moldova Poland Romania Serbia and the UK
  570. Domino’s customers can place an order by tweeting a pizza ____
  571. It will be another 500 years before the Somme is free of ____
  572. Lyndon B. Johnson had a nozzle fitted to his shower in the White House that fired water at his _____
  573. In Taiwan it is illegal to walk a dog by attaching its lead to a __ or ____
  574. The man who holds the British record for summiting _____ is a Mr K.Cool.
  575. In 1987 American Airlines saved 40 000 $ by removing an __ from each salad in First Class
  576. Neurotic people are more likely to see ____ in random objects
  577. ______ have eyes on the tips of their arms
  578. China’s Er Wang Dong cave is so big it has its own ____ ____
  579. Ships are not classified as abandoned if there is a ___ or a ___ onbord
  580. The world’s hottest ____ was bred to be used as an anaesthetic
  581. Mobile-phone users in the Netherlands are provided with ____ ____ on the pavement to stop them getting run over
  582. The world’s tiniest reptile is a _____ the size of an ant
  583. President Obama’s farewell speech mentioned ______ 20 times-more than the farewell speeches of the previous 15 presidents combined
  584. Thomas Mann’s daughter adapted a ____ so her dog could write poetry
  585. 400 000 people ___ building the Great Wall of China
  586. Turkey vultures ____ up their last meal as a defence mechanism
  587. The man who won the Oscars for the best screenplay for The Bridge on the River Kwai was a _____ who couldn’t speak a write
  588. If you have £ 1785 of ____ you are richer than half of the world’s population
  589. German measles makes your ___ smell of freshly plucked feathers
  590. Russia has 800 000 faith healers but only 640 000
  591. Dolphins tenderise octopuses by ____ them around before eating them
  592. ____ gets bigger by 165 square metres every day
  593. Richard Nixon once ordered a _____ ____ on North Korea when drunk
  594. Nymphister kronaueri is a ___ whose camouflage makes it look like an ant’s bottom
  595. The only burp in Shakespeare is by Sir Toby ____
  596. In Iran it is illegal to ____ a dog
  597. The word ____ was coined so Americans didn’t have to use the word ‘cock’
  598. The hooded nudibranch is a sea slug that smells like ______
  599. Washington DC is said to be _____ by DC the Demon Cat
  600. ____ ____ can learn to speak dolphin
  601. Half the wild boars in the Czech Republic are ______
  602. The smell of _____ improves children’s memories
  603. 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from ___ ____
  604. ____ contain more viruses that are dangerous to human than any other species
  605. According to state law in New Mexico Pluto is still a ____
  606. A woodpecker’s _____ is coiled around its brain
  607. Salvador Dali went to restaurants with his pet ocelot claiming it was a ____ with a pattern painted on
  608. The modern Spanish Navy is still called the ___
  609. Prince Charles has waited longer to become ___ than any heir to the throne in British history
  610. California generates almost half the ___ energy in the US
  611. If all the data from all human history were encoded onto ___ it would fit into a container the size and weight of two pickup trucks
  612. Female deep-sea squid store ____ in their arms
  613. _____ are native to Russia not the US
  614. The French mathematician Descartes had a theory that ____ and ____ were able to talk-but kept quiet in case they were asked to do any work
  615. DNA testing is mandatory in _____
  616. The UK’s Ministry of Defence owns three and a half times as many pieces of ____ ___ as it does warships tanks helicopters planes and submarines
  617. The word ____ is the only word in English that sounds the same if you remove four of its letters
  618. In _____ it is illegal to own more than 120 playing cards
  619. The ____ drilled holes in their teeth to fit precious stones in
  620. The most murderous mammals are _____
  621. In 1900 France built a ____ wich was so long it couldn’t be pointed at the sky
  622. Iceland’s elite police counter-terrorism unit is known as the ____ Squad
  623. Cats have whiskers on their front ____ as well as their faces
  624. Sulfhemoglobinemia is a condition where a person develops ____ blood
  625. Male bees sometimes chase ____ mistaking them for female bees
  626. When Winston Churchill got really angry he would throw his ____ across the room
  627. The ____ ____ of white rhinos are their social network telling other rhinos how they are
  628. Guinness dropped speed-____ records in 1991
  629. Italy produces 44 000 tonnes of snail a year. Their eggs are sold as caviar and their ____ is used in skin creams
  630. Every winter ____ _____ ____ swim for 40 days to meet up between Mexico and Hawaii and nobody knows why
  631. The finance director of Quidditch UK is called Megan ___
  632. LEGO is part-owner of the world’s largest ___ ______
  633. Kummerspeck (literally meaning grief bacon) is German for the ____ put on from eating too much when feeling sorry for yourself
  634. In 2016 a 155-year-old _____ kept as an exhibit in a Berkshire museum caught a mouse
  635. Sir Charles Isham a vegetarian spiritualist introduced garden ____ to England in 1847 in the hope of attracting real ones
  636. The fastest-growing plant is _____ which grown at three centimetres an hour
  637. Brazil’s highest mountain was unknow until the 1950s because it is permanently shrouded in ____
  638. There is a German airline that allows an extra free kilo of hand luggage provided it’s _____
  639. Italy has more ____ robberies than the rest of Europe combined
  640. James Franco’s Museum of Non-Visible Art contains no physical work just ideas. A piece called ____ ___ sold for $10 000
  641. There are four times as many species of ___ as there are species of mammal
  642. When a Navajo baby laughs aloud for the first time the family throws a _____. The person who made the baby laugh provides the ____
  643. There is more information in one edition of the ___ ____ _____ than the average person in 17th-century England would have come across in a lifetime
  644. Airlines make more money selling ___ ____ than seats
  645. There are over 1200 species of ___ in the world and not one of them is blind
  646. Scientists can predict when an elderly person is going to ____ ____ three weeks before it happens
  647. Every month as many people google How to make ____ as how to make love
  648. It would take 1.2 million ________ each sucking once to completely drain the average human of blood
  649. In the 17th century blood from the recently deceased was used to treat _____
  650. The London Underground has made more money from its famous ___ than it ever has from running trains
  651. ____ ____’s entire Internet has only 28 websites
  652. The Afrikaans for an ______’s _____ is slurp
  653. Iceland has a bar called Pablo _____
  654. The Irish language has one set of ____ for arithmetic one for counting humans and one for counting non-humans
  655. The use of capital letters to denote _____ dates back to the 19th century
  656. It takes 65 milliseconds for a message to cross the
  657. Queen Elizabeth II had a special shelf installed in her car so there was somewhere to put her _____
  658. Only 1% of people who buy ____ are under the age of 28
  659. The world’s largest pet ______ is 4 feet 4 inches long weighs 31/2 stone and eats 4 000 ____ a year
  660. ____ produce more milk when listening to relaxing music
  661. If you shout at the ___ ___ it takes 28 seconds for the echos to fade away
  662. Walruses use ___ as toys
  663. Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to observe the curvature of the human ____ Until then everyone has assumed that it was straight
  664. Fidel Castro’s favourite ___ had its own food taster
  665. You can improve your darts game by training yourself to ____ about playing darts
  666. The California black sea hare is a giant ____ as big as a cat
  667. Electronic devices are scrambling the navigational cues used by ____ _____
  668. 85% of Vakkaru Island in the Maldives is made up of fish _____
  669. To ncatch a rabbit a ____ will hypnotise it with thrashing dance moves
  670. In 2016 a llama-dressing-up contest in Minnesota was won by an _____
  671. Shturmovschina is Russian for ______ frantically to meet a deadline having not done anything for the last month
  672. There is no evidence that ___ have a better sense of ____ than humans
  673. In the first seven years after it opened in 2001 only one company traded on the ____ stock exchange
  674. 40% of all bottled water sold in the world is bottled ___ water
  675. William III of England Alexander III of Scotland Leopold V of Austria and Louis IV of France all died after ____ ____ a ____.
  676. The Asian flat-headed ___ has webbed feet and washes its prey in water
  677. ____ use just two brain cells to decide if they’re hungry
  678. Ancient Egypt had nine-___ _____
  679. Shivviness is an old Yorkshire word for the uncomfortable feeling you get from wearing new ____
  680. When in introduced to a stranger Argentinians stand closet and ______ furthest away
  681. Gillette stopped sponsoring _____ after market research showed that their brand was more associated with sport than with razors
  682. Blind people can learn to see with their ____
  683. ____ survived the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs
  684. The pressure per square inch the Eiffel Tower puts on the ground is about the same as that of a woman in _____ ___
  685. The polar ice cap is melting so quickly that by 2050 ships willl be able to sail the ___ _____
  686. 60% of the world’s ____ are made in China
  687. ____ sometimes broadcasts funny news piece about how the UK reacts when it snows
  688. Dead _____ still stick to walls after they die
  689. The heat in curries comes from chillies brought to ____ by the Portugese in the 15th century
  690. In _____ you can take exams in how to throw house parties
  691. Nobody knows why we say ___
  692. A _____ only got his name on his tombstone if he died in battle
  693. By law ______ in Dublin Ireland must have a repertoire of at least 20 songs
  694. In 1973 British Rail was granted a patent for a _______
  695. A group of ____ once took down Papa John’s website because their pizza was late
  696. The Sacramento Police Department in California get at least one phone call a week from people stuck in the world’s largest ___ ____
  697. More than a million square feet of forest are used every year to make ______
  698. The _____ at the South Pole reflects ____ so well that you can hear people talking a mile away
  699. In 1879 the Belgian city of Liege commissioned 37 ___ to deliver mail to nearby villages. The project was a complete failure
  700. In the 1888 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica the entry for Wales reads: ____ ______
  701. All ______ services in the USA were halted for one minute during the ____ of Alexander Graham Bell
  702. In the Ancient Kush Empire of North Africa a ___ ____ was considered the height of beauty
  703. In colonial times in America ____ were called winter bananas
  704. ______ in the US have learnt how traffic lights work so they can cross the road safely
  705. Aristotle thought ____ had souls
  706. The 1988 Olympics included the sport of ___ synchronised swimming
  707. Every three seconds the Sun emits more neutrinos than the number of _____ in all the humans who have ever lived
  708. Women who wear high heels regularly have shorter and smaller ___ ______ making it painful to wear flat shoes
  709. If all the time our eyes are shut when ____ is added together we spend 1.2 years of our waking lives in pitch darkness
  710. The most destructive predator in New Zealand is the _____
  711. The American secret service tried to spike Hitler’s _____ with female hormones to change him into a woman
  712. It does ____ more on the weekend-it’s due to a build up of _______ during the week
  713. In the Second Gulf War 43 chickens were deployed to detect ____ _____ in an operation nicknamed Kuwaiti Field Chicken (KFC)
  714. Louis XIII of France wasn’t ____ until he was almost seven
  715. The world’s oldest living tree was already 100 years old when ____ was built
  716. Schimpf-los is a 24-hour German hotline that allows customers to release pent-up aggression by ______ at telephone operators
  717. In the 17th century the salary of the Governor of Barbados was paid in _____
  718. 2013 was the first year since 1925 where there has been no reported sighting of the ____ _____ _____
  719. Only three species on the planet go through ______: humans short-finned pilot whales and ocras
  720. Cryptomnesia is when a memory floats into your conscious mind and you mistake it for an _____ ____
  721. Alexander the Great washed his hair in ____ to keep it shiny and orange
  722. ______ is an Inuit word meaning man’s boat strictly speaking the Olympic women’s version should be called the umiak competition
  723. ______ feathers were once worth as much as diamonds
  724. The US presidential ____ is called The Beast
  725. Seattle Aquarium holds a Valentine’s event where you can watch _____ mating
  726. A ____ of _____ officially measures between 0.06 and 2 millimetres across
  727. ______ excrement is worth more if it has the classic poo look
  728. The first event at the Olympic Games in 396 BC was a _____ contest: the winner played the fanfare for all the other events
  729. _____ bubbles are basically yeast farts
  730. The average lavatory seat is much cleaner than the average ______. Your teeth are home to 10 billion bacteria per square centimetre
  731. ______ disperse seeds up to 40 miles away
  732. No ____ has ever been found with exactly a hundred legs
  733. The 8th of January 1835 is the only day in history the USA had no _____ ______
  734. Keiko Fukuda the highest-ranking woman in the world to practise ___ continued to teach the sport until her death at the age of 99
  735. There’s a hidden room in Mount Rushmore behind ______’s ____
  736. During the first performance of the play Harry Potter and the cursed Child an ____ got loose and flew out into the audience
  737. Toddlers who ____ ____ early on are more likely to do well later in life
  738. The lyrebird can mimic car alarms camera shutters chainsaws ______ and ______
  739. The crown prince of Thailand promoted his dog Fufu to _____ ____ ____ of the Royal Thai Air Force.
  740. In ____ football clubs cannot hire managers who are over 65
  741. Blood Falls in Antarctica has bright-red water that is so salty it cannot ____
  742. Francois Hollande the former French president spent the equivalent of £99 000 per year on
  743. A ____ is something tied in a single piece of rope or line. Something that joins two ropes together is a ____
  744. _____ octopuses swim using their large ear-like protuberances
  745. Queen Cleopatra lived closer in time to the Moon landings than to the building of the ____ ____
  746. ____ ____ were invented by an accountant whose hobby was making underwater nudist films
  747. Oregon is the only US state with a ____ -____ flag
  748. The winner of Australia’s 2011 So You Think You Can ____ competition lasted 40 minutes and 59 seconds without _____
  749. Until the early 20th century _____-_____ in a wife was grounds for divorce in Japan
  750. Ancient Greeks declared their love for a woman by throwing an ____ at her
  751. Pluto has towers of ____ 1600 feet tall
  752. The world’s largest ____-pie factory can make two million pies in 24 hours
  753. When hot weather comes zebra finches sing to their ____ warn them
  754. Komorebi is Japanese for ____ filtering through the trees
  755. US medical diagnosis code Code V91.07 is burn caused by ___ ____ on fire
  756. _______ are more closely related to humans than to plants
  757. The smell of the ____ was created by artists in 2016 using scents mentioned in the Book of Revelation
  758. Bach composed the Brandenburg Concertos as a ____ ______ but never got a reply
  759. The Australian coat of arms features an ____ and a ____ because they supposedly can’t go backwards but they can
  760. Los Angeles has had the same ____ for 50 000 years
  761. ______ have up to 14 500 teeth on their tongues
  762. The advertising for _____ World Tower claims it is 19 floors taller than it actually is
  763. The fastest ____ in the universe are on Neptune
  764. The US army spent millions finding out if ______ could be used to smell bombs
  765. Three plovers a parrot and a _____ feature in the Scottish version of The Twelve Daus of Christmas
  766. When _____ Queen Victoria ate what her doctors advised on top of her normal meals
  767. A new ______ is built in China every five days.
  768. _____ _____ carry wounded comrades back to the nest
  769. An eedle-doddle is Scots for someone who shows no initiative in a ______
  770. Saying ___ when you stub your toe makes it hurt less
  771. 25% of the _______ in the US arrives by submarine
  772. Male kakapo ______ have a mating call that can be heard four miles away but females can’t tell where it’s coming from
  773. In medieval chess each pawn had its own role _____ City Guard ______ Merchant Doctor Weave Blacksmith and _____
  774. Half the water on Earth is older than the ____
  775. More than 10 000 _______ had to be crushed to make the purple dye to colour a single Roman toga
  776. It would take 23 bales of straw to break a ____’s back
  777. Botanists in Kew Gardens checked a £1.29 bag of supermarket _______ and founded three species previously unknown to science
  778. ______ suffer from paranoia
  779. The first pharaoh of a united Egypt was killed by a _____
  780. In 2011 a Canadian dentist bought one of _____ ___’s teeth at auction for £19 000
  781. Sea lions love the smell of ______
  782. In 1579 English pirates raided and destroyed a Spanish ship mistaking its cargo of cocoa beans for _____ _______
  783. The Indian judiciary has a _____ of 31 million cases
  784. _____ whales protect other species from ______ whales
  785. Words used by Donald Trump for the first president’s inaugural address include _____ ripped rusted _____ trapped and tombstones
  786. The British Library keeps its collection of over 60 million ______ in an airtight room with low oxygen so they can’t catch fire
  787. King ratsnakes or _____ _______ deter predators by emptying their anal glands
  788. 80% of ____ ____ occur in the first three or last eight minutes of a flight
  789. _______ was dropped as an Olympic sport after the 1900 games when only one spectator turned up
  790. _____ can only kick forwards
  791. The Odour of Sanctity is heavenly smell given off by the bodies of dead ____
  792. Only four people went to ___ ____’s funeral
  793. Scientists in Massachusetts have invented an AI machine that can see ___ ____ into the future
  794. A ____ ____’s tongue can taste its prey from two and a half miles away
  795. Google Maps in India has ______ belonging to India. In Pakistan it shows it as being disputed.
  796. The Swedish for ____ also means election
  797. _____ ____’s chair was 2.5 inches higher than everyone else’s in the Cabinet Room
  798. Netflix’s biggest competitor is ____
  799. Artificial blood ____ can be made with a candyfloss machine
  800. _____ once got drunk and used a word so shocking it broke up the party and no one would repeat it
  801. More than 90% of all _____ trials in the world occur in the US
  802. ______-______ plan their journeys in advance and tell friends where they’re going
  803. If an _______ hit the Earth only 3% of people would be killed by the actual impact
  804. ____ animals have specially made toothbrushes
  805. The Roman emperor Elagabalus invented a _____ _____ which he used at dinner parties
  806. From 1966 to 1987 _____ banned TV on Thursdays to encourage people to get out and socialise more
  807. Vanuatu has an _______ post office
  808. The Aztecs had a goddess of tequila Mayahuel who was followed around by her children- 400 ____ _____
  809. 1% of the static on an untuned TV is radiation from the ____of the _________.
  810. A statue of Hercules in Arcachon France has had its _____ stolen so often it’s been given a detachable one for ‘special occasions’
  811. Fish sing the ___ _____
  812. Hitting the ___ ____ makes you more tired during the day
  813. Aged 14 Fidel Castro wrote to President Roosevelt to ask for ___ ______.
  814. 90% of world trade is carried by _____
  815. Gloomy _____ throw seashells at each other
  816. NASA ___ are called Extravehicular Mobility Units
  817. _____ _____ banned the disaster movie ‘2012’ in case it jinxed the year 2012
  818. Utepils is Norwegian for a ____ enjoyed outside on a sunny day.
  819. The best way to avoid being _____ by _____ is to crouch down away from any trees with your bottom sticking up in the air
  820. The world’s smallest frog is the size of a _______
  821. Only 4% of people who try to quit _____ without help succeed
  822. The Doge of Venice ______ the sea once a year by throwing a ring into the water
  823. When BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour began in 1946 it had a male host. Early items included ‘Cooking Meat’ and I Married a Lion-tamer’.
  824. ______ ____ was eight times more densely populated than modern New York
  825. April 1st is International ____ ____ Day
  826. The Nobel Prize winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez was married for 55 years. Every day his wife Mercedes put a ____ ____ on his desk.
  827. There are more than 3 million _____ under the world’s oceans
  828. The US Treasury has a _______ _____ for voluntary donations from people feeling guilty about cheating on their taxes
  829. Your lips are 1000 times more sensitive than your ______
  830. It’s unsafe for travelers to rely on their patron saint St _______ any more: he was removed from the calendar of saints in
  831. In 1922 Ernest Hemingway’s wife lost his entire life’s work by leaving it on a ____
  832. 25 million ______ fall to Earth every day
  833. The ____ _____ has been scientifically proven to be the best _______ drink to enjoy on an aeroplane
  834. ______ rotates so slowly on its axis that its day is longer than its _____
  835. It took 17 takes for E.B. White to record the death scene for audiobook of ____’s _____ without breaking down
  836. A photo of ____ ______ was taped to cyclist Mario Cipollini’s handlebars in the 1999 Tour de France to boost his testosterone levels
  837. In 1920 Clarence Blethen retired hurt from a baseball match after biting himself on the bottom with the ____ _____ he kept in his back pocket
  838. In Britain in the Second World War there was a threefold increase in _____
  839. The _______ and _______ embassies in Washington D.C. meet once a month to exchange wrongly addressed mail.
  840. It takes an hour to soft-boil an ______ ___ and an hour and a half to hard-boil one
  841. Baseball legend Babe Ruth wore a ______ ____ under his cap to keep his head cool
  842. The Irish word leis (pronounced ‘lesh’) has four different meanings. Bhi leis leis leis leis means ‘His thigh was ___ also’.
  843. On online dating sites you are more likely to come across a _______ or _____ than someone from any other profession
  844. Lamborghini started out making _____
  845. Ants communicate by sharing ______
  846. As a boy Roald Dahl did taste trials for new ______ ____ for Cadbury’s
  847. In the Middle Ages erect penises were thought to be full of ________ _____.
  848. According to a passenger from Sudan the first London Underground trains smelt like _____ _____
  849. In 2011 British trains were delayed by 16 000 hours because of people stealing ____ _____ from the railways
  850. In 18th-century Paris it was fashionable to wear hats and umbrellas with ______ _____ attached.
  851. There is more water in the _____’s _____ than in all of its oceans
  852. The Portuguese man-o’-war jellyfish is hunted by the blanket _______ which rips off its poisonous tentacles and uses them as weapons
  853. The Bible is the most _______ book in the USA
  854. The composer Franz Liszt got so many requests from fans for a ____ of his ___ that he started sending his dog’s instead
  855. All the mountains on Saturn’s moon Titan are named after peaks in The ____ of the _____
  856. Sami people never mention a ____ _____ by name in case they offend it instead they call it the old man in the fur coat.
  857. A ____ ____ can swim 25 times its body length every second
  858. Margaret Thatcher first female Prime Minister of the UK was part of the team that invented Mr Whippy ___ ______
  859. The Ancient Chinese believed that the thicker your _____ the wealthier you would be.
  860. Birds start learning their songs in the ___ as their mothers sing to them
  861. Auto-brewery syndrome is a rare disease caused by a yeast that converts carbohydrates into alcohol. You can get drunk eating ____
  862. President Clinton of the USA is an anagram of to ______ he finds _______
  863. Urban birds have learned to line their nests with _____ ______. Nicotine is a powerful insecticide that wards off mites lice and fleas.
  864. Virtually all _____ lack the gene that produces smelly armpits
  865. At the 1908 Olympic Games in London Great Britain won gold silver and bronze in the ____ of ___
  866. A library book borrowed by ____ _______ in 1789 wasn’t returned until 2010.
  867. Within 200 yards of the flat in Islington in London where George Orwell had the idea for 1984 there are now 32 ___ _______
  868. Victorian women were advised that when trains went through tunnels they should put pins in their mouths to avoid being ____ in the dark.
  869. There are 125 000 ___ ____ in Istanbul
  870. The chemical company Bayer lost the trademark for ______ as part of Germany’s reparations for the First World War
  871. The ancient city of Alexandria was built so that the sun shone down the main street on Alexander the Great’s ______
  872. ______ _____ served as a member of parliament but spoke in the House only once. He asked for a window to be closed because it was draughty.
  873. Mendelssohn wrote the tune for Hark the Herald Angeld Sing. He said he didn’t mind what the words were as long as they weren’t ______
  874. The world’s most expensive ____ was sold in 2009 for £231 000
  875. ____ ____ was taken on Apollo 8 to secure tools in weightless conditions
  876. The wire cage holding the cork in a ____ of _____ is called an agraffe
  877. _______ _____ was originally from darkest Africa until it was pointed out that there are no bears in Africa
  878. Pope Leo XIII carried a hip flask full of wine infused with _____
  879. Samuel Taylor Coleridge invented the sport of ____-______
  880. Mozart wrote the overture to ___ ____ on the morning of the opera’s premiere while nursing a hangover
  881. Before cane sugar was introduced to Europe food was often sweetened with _____
  882. The world’s largest _____ archive is the Osmotheque in Versailles. It has 4 000 scents dating back to the 1800s
  883. At the 1956 Olympics ____ ____ Vyacheslav Ivanov was so excited at winning gold that he dropped his medal into the lake and it was never found
  884. An ____ can filter 50 gallons of water a day.
  885. When Swindon station in the UK opened in 1840 all the trains passing through it had to stop and wait for a ten-minute ___ _____
  886. Dr _____ should really be pronounced Dr Zoice
  887. The world’s lightest ______ is 100 times lighter than styrofoam and can rest on a dandelon puff without damaging it
  888. _____ don’t drink at all they get all the water they need from the plants they eat
  889. In 2017 British doctors found 27 lost ______ _____ in a patient’s eye
  890. ________ once earned 1 000 guineas for writing a verse for a Christmas card.
  891. Hawaiian Icelandic and _____ have given more words to English than Welsh or Cornish
  892. In 2003 three people in Mexico were officially listed as having died of _____
  893. Feeding _____ to a sheep reduces the amount of methane in its farts by up to 40%
  894. Abu Dhabi has a beauty contest for _______
  895. Charles Manson once wrote songs for The ____ ______
  896. ________ balance twigs on their noses to lure birds looking for nest-building materials
  897. More than 1 in 20 football injuries are caused by ________ _____ on the pitch
  898. Female market squid display fake _______ to avoid the advances of males
  899. If you buy bubblewrap on ____ it is shipped in bubblewrap
  900. The Romans preferred Greek ___ __because the child would imbibe cultural as well as physical sustenance
  901. Astronauts’____ become rounder in space
  902. All the departure boards at ____ ______ _______ in New York are exactly one minute wrong
  903. When three people were rushed to hospital in the 1990s with twisted intestines the Chinese state media issued warnings about ___ -______
  904. Ancient beekeepers took their beehives on hikes if there weren’t enough _____ near by
  905. The film Jaws was based on a novel by Peter Benchley. When he couldn’t think of a title his father suggested ‘What’s That Noshin’ On Ma ___?
  906. Before signing the trade embargo against Cuba John F. Kennedy got his press secretary to buy him 1 000 ____ ______
  907. In Mexico there are dog poo bins in parks which give free _____ when used. The _____ the poo the more free minutes.
  908. ___________ a tree can help you to remember things
  909. In China in 1968 there was a ______ craze where people made shrines and papier-mache ones toured around the country
  910. Donald Trump once starred in an episode of ______ The ______ _____.
  911. At least 61 species live in elephants’ __________
  912. The record for the most Wimbledon titles is held by Professor Bernard Neal: he was _______ champion 38 times.
  913. Lots of studies have shown a correlation between higher IQ and ______-__________
  914. Charles Darwin let his children use the original manuscript of ‘On the Origin of Species’ as ____ ______
  915. For breakfast Walt Disney ate fresh donuts dunked in _____ ______
  916. Giant flying _____ as big as kangaroos once roamed Australia
  917. In the 8th-century Japan _____ was made by chewing rice and spitting it into a container to let the saliva break it down into sugars which can then be fermented
  918. Highways in the western USA are based on the migratory routes of _______
  919. Psithurism is the sound of ______ ______
  920. The inventor of best before dates originally for ____ was Al _____’s brother Ralph
  921. The Afrikaans for candyfloss is spookasem (_______ _______)
  922. 90% of film critics are _____
  923. A baby’s cheeks have ______ which adults lack. This is why young children like to pack their mouths with food.
  924. When Matt Smith became the 11th Doctor Who in 2010 UK ______-_____ sales doubled in a month
  925. John Major former Prime Minister of the UK failed the selection process to become a ___ ________
  926. The first-ever international cricket tour had to be postponed due to the _______ _______
  927. 17th-century French lovers would stow a _____ from their lover in a tiny ____ round their necks letting it feed on their blood
  928. Seahorse greet their partners with a _____ every day.
  929. ______ _____ is the only person let alone woman to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.
  930. As it grows ______ makes a squeaking noise like two balloons rubbing against each other
  931. 1457 was the first year the word ___ appeared in a print in an Act of Parliament making it illegal
  932. Judy Garland’s daughter Liza Minelli was married to Jack Haley Jr. the son of the actor who played the ___ ______
  933. The first couple shown in bed together on primetime US TV were _____ and ___ _________.
  934. You can tell cranberries are ripe because they ______
  935. Until practical uses for rubber were discovered in 1770 pencil marks were erased using lumps of ____ ____.
  936. No one is ever born in _____ City.
  937. The first T-shirt was designed for _____ who couldn’t sew on buttons
  938. It’s only legal to buy ____ ______ in Singapore if you have a prescription. (You can have small amounts for personal use too._
  939. ____ _____ used to be called ‘melonettes’
  940. The technical term for the creases on the inside of the _____ is rasceta
  941. Very large doses of Vitamin C can cause the ____ in your body to rust
  942. There is no standard height for ___ _____
  943. _____-______ started out as the non-alcoholic version of cocaine-based claret
  944. The magic word abracadabra was first used to stave off _______
  945. A 1974 experiment using an EEG machine showed that ____ ______ emitted waves identical to an adult human’s brain
  946. The film of _____ with the ____ is banned in North Korea but virtually every adult there has read the book
  947. Trees have their own ______
  948. When heated to 800 degrees Celcius ______ turns into tiny diamonds
  949. Jimmy Carter once sent a jacket to the dry-cleaner’s with the _____ ______ ______ still in the pocket
  950. Heroin was originally marketed as _____ medicine
  951. Russell Brand’s My Booky Wook is banned from _____ ______
  952. There were no wreaths at Prokofiev’s funeral because all the flowers in Moscow had been reserved for _____ who died on the same day
  953. ______ can get jetlag
  954. _____ _________ fire their gonads out of their bodies to distract predators
  955. Neil Armstrong’s _____ are still floating around in space
  956. In 2012 the population of ______ passed 1 billion. If it were a country it would be the third largest in the world
  957. _____ is the oldest-known cheese: it is mentioned in The Odyssey
  958. 1 in 10 ________ will publish a book at some time in their life
  959. The longest _____ in medical literature lasted four weeks. It belonged to a 37-year-old man from Glasgow.
  960. ______ your ___ _____ except in an emergency is illegal in the city of New York
  961. Sloths _____ only once a week
  962. _____ _____ liked to play tennis in the nude
  963. The Irish name for jellyfish is smugairle roin which literally translates as _____’s______
  964. The _____ in a blue whale’s mouth weighs as much as its entire body
  965. _________ suck their ____ like children suck their thumbs
  966. ______ was developed to treat double vision
  967. ______ and ____ are provided by NASA for astronauts in liquid form
  968. ______ were actually invented in Ireland
  969. Cinema ____ costs more per kilo than the finest Aberdeen Angus beef steak
  970. Americans were so sure crime was caused by alcohol that on the eve of _______ some towns in Iowa sold their ______
  971. In Turkey the word for turkey means ______ ______
  972. The ______ Empire was so large that it takes 21 countries to cover the area today
  973. Due to a computer error in 1989 41 000 Parisians received letters charging them with ______ extortion and prostitution instead of ____ _______.
  974. The invention of the ______ increased the average distance between the birthplaces of spouses in England from one mile to 30 miles
  975. Pope Gregory I declared rabbit foetuses were _____ ______ and could be eaten during Lent
  976. In Ancient Greek the word Idiot meant anyone who wasn’t a _________
  977. If everyone washed their ____ properly with ___ it would save 600 000 lives a year
  978. Aristotle advised Alexander the Great not to let his soldiers drink ____ _____ because it would make them think more of love than war.
  979. US President Calvin Coolidge liked to eat breakfast in bed while having his head rubbed with _______
  980. One of the stone grotesques on the roof of the Washington National Cathedral depicts ____ _____
  981. _______ makes more movies every year than the US
  982. Until 2006 ______ was top of the Forbes Fictional Rich List. He had to be removed because they were bombarded by letters from angry children insisting he is real.
  983. A group of ______ is called a grin
  984. Martinis are stirred so as not to bruise the ____ or chip the ___ and dilute the drink. When James Bond asks for his shaken not stirred he is actually asking for it weak
  985. 1 in 10 people in Central Asia are a direct descendant of _____ _____
  986. _______ was the first ever band to play on all seven continents after a gig in Antarctica
  987. Thomas Edison’s ____ ______ is held in a vial at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit
  988. In 1859 a moral panic swept America over young people playing too much _____
  989. Crocodiles ______ are ten times more sensitive than human fingertips
  990. Since smoking was banned in 2004 the main currency in US prisons is ________
  991. The actor who played _____ in Friends James Michael Tyler got the role as an extra because he was the only one who knew how to work an _____ _______
  992. Beatrix Potter’s first published work was about ____
  993. The House of Lords has a _____ ____ in the basement
  994. ________ corners on electronic devices have been patented by Apple
  995. Most bees buzz in the key of A unless they are ____ when they buzz in the key of E
  996. Mussolini tortured his enemies by forcing them to swallow massive doses of ____ _____.
  997. The scientific prefix ‘tera’ as in ‘terabyte’ or ‘terawatt’ is derived from the Greek for ______
  998. _______ was an insecticide that became a sweetener when a scientist’s aide misheard an order to test it as taste it
  999. Andy Murray has three _________
  1000. _______ was sacked from Dunkin’ Donuts for squirting customers with jam
  1001. ______ has 27 words for different kinds of moustache and 30 for eyebrows
  1002. When the game _____ was first introduced rival toy firms criticized it as sex in a box
  1003. When having their photograph taken Victorians said ______ rather than cheese to make themselves look more serious
  1004. _____ _____ conducts heat better than most metals
  1005. Only a fifth of the Sahara desert is ____
  1006. If an _____ president is given a gift worth less than $ 350 he can keep it. If it is worth more it belongs to the _____
  1007. Tutankhamun was the only Ancient Egyptian who was mummified with an _____ ______
  1008. _______ gave women the vote only in 1971
  1009. All the instruments of the First Vienna ____ _____ are made into soup after each performance
  1010. Finland has three million ____ for a population of 5.5 million people.
  1011. Sigmund Freud spent a month in 1876 searching for eels’ _______ but never found any
  1012. Electrons move along an electricity cable about as fast as _____ flows
  1013. A 19the-century way to prevent ______ was to tie a dead mole around your neck
  1014. ______ is cited in one-third of UK divorce cases
  1015. ______ gave humans the common cold
  1016. ______ tongues were a delicacy in Ancient Rome
  1017. ______ is a real place in Israel
  1018. Prince Charles runs his car on biofuel made from ____
  1019. Dr Seuss wrote ____ ____ and ___ to win a bet with his publisher that he couldn’t write a book using just fifty different words
  1020. The Ancient Greeks had no word for ______
  1021. 2.5 million _____ & ______ novels were pulped and added to the tarmac of the UK’s M6 toll motorway to make it more absorbent
  1022. Powerful acids present in the stomachs of snakes mean they will ____ if given Alka-Seltzer
  1023. The lead singer of ____ ______ has a day job as a Boeing 757 pilot
  1024. In 1979 a University of Alaska researcher found a 36 000 year old _____ in the permafrost-and put a bit of it in a stew
  1025. There is a special form of the Thai language called Rachasap that is exclusively used when talking to or about the Thai ____ ______
  1026. When Skylab burned up in Earth’s atmosphere in 1979 the government of Western Australia fined NASA $400 for ________ NASA eventually paid up 30 years later
  1027. The tall _____’s _____ or toque blanche traditionally had a hundred pleats to represent the number of ways an ____ could be cooked
  1028. The racehorse Potoooooooo got its name from a stable-hand who couldn’t spell _____
  1029. Taurine the active ingredient in ___ _____ is also present in bile breast milk and spiders
  1030. ______ makes fish angry
  1031. There is a brewer in Oregon who brews beer from yeast collected from his own _____
  1032. In Texas _______ are not allowed to run for office
  1033. When he joined in the army J.R.R. Tolkien’s son Michael put down his father’s profession as _______
  1034. A flu virus can only survive on most surfaces for 48 hours but can live on a _______ for 17 days
  1035. The first ______ ______ were written down in newspapers readers sang them themselves
  1036. Dostoevsky’s father was drowned in ____ by his own serfs
  1037. The electrical energy that powers each cell in our bodies works out at 30 million volts per metre the equivalent voltage of a ____ of _____
  1038. _____ has more pyramids than Egypt
  1039. The first manuscript of Of Mice and Men was chewed up by John Steinbeck’s ___ Toby
  1040. 20% of all road accidents in Sweden involve an ____
  1041. ________ is the only language with no irregular verbs
  1042. _______ are illegal in Vancouver
  1043. In 2011 the Internet reached 13.7 billion pages: one for every year since the ____ _____
  1044. Human body odour is irresistible to female ____ on heat
  1045. The ________ phone book is ordered by its first name
  1046. Cravings for chocolate can be controlled with injections of ______ saliva
  1047. There is a cult in Malaysia that worships a giant _______
  1048. More wine is drunk per head in ______ _____ than any other country on Earth
  1049. Cuban emergency services use sniffer _____
  1050. In 2011 the United Nations declared that access to the ______ is a basic human right
  1051. The original Popeye got his strength from rubbing a magic ___
  1052. In 1915 the lock millionaire Cecil Chubb bought his wife _______ as a gift. She didn’t like it so in 1918 he gave it to the nation
  1053. It is possible to travel by zip wire from _____ to ______
  1054. In 1998 10 113 American women insured themselves against ______ _____ at the millennium
  1055. No more than two _____ are allowed by law in any public toilet in China
  1056. The US has only 5% of the world’s population but almost 25% of its ____ population
  1057. For Christmas 1936 Salvador Dali sent Harpo Marx a harp with _____-____ strings. Harpo sent back a photograph of himself with bandaged fingers.
  1058. A bite from the Brazilian wandering spider results in an ______ that lasts for several hours.
  1059. Donald Trump ‘s campaign spent more on _____ ($ 3.2 million) than it did on polling ($ 1.8 million)
  1060. In 1936 a Russian team built the world’s first computer which could solve (extremely difficult) partial differential equations. It ran on _____
  1061. When George Washington campaigned for election in Virginia in 1758 he bought every eligible voter three _____ of ____
  1062. The EU spends over a billion Euros a year on __________
  1063. ________ is illegal under the New York City Health Code because ____ are naturally inclined to do harm
  1064. Women make 25% of the films in ____ compared to 4% in the US
  1065. The Basenji dog is the only breed that doesn’t ______
  1066. In 2010 the BBC spent nearly £230 000 on tea but only £2 000 on ________
  1067. _______ once proposed to Marie Antoinette
  1068. _______ Inc. is worth more than Sweden Poland or Nigeria
  1069. In the 1950s to allow babies of students at Trinity Hall Cambridge to enter the premises they were re-defined as ______
  1070. There are more _____ of lions in the world than there are real lions
  1071. Great Cockup is a hill in Cumbria. Other Great British place names include Great _____ and Great _____